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Building a community reflecting the love of God, where faith and real life intersect.


We REACH out to all people extending the hospitality of Christ by comforting and helping those in need and celebrating the joys of life together.
We work to BUILD a community reflecting the all-encompassing love of God.
We GROW together in faith, studying and learning to interpret God’s word. 

We SERVE our neighbors by working for justice, peace, and the well-being of God’s creation.
We WORSHIP God through music, prayer, and the Word, celebrating the gifts of the Spirit, and seeking what God wants for us.
We COMMIT to being generous stewards with our gifts – time, talents, resources – and our lives.


Rev. Tori Paquette (they/them) is the new pastor of West Trenton Presbyterian Church. Tori has an M.Div from Princeton Theological Seminary and a B.A. in Jewish Studies from Colby College. Tori grew up in New Hampshire and found their way to ministry through several years of college Bible studies, community outreach, chaplaincy, and religious studies.


Pastor Tori is passionate about small congregations because they have experienced firsthand just how vital these churches can be to the lives of their members and to their local communities. When Tori isn’t in their office writing sermons, you can find them baking with an abundance of chocolate chips or spending time with their partner and their two cats.  

You can reach out to Pastor Tori at

Mark L. Williams (he/him) has been the Organist and Choir Director at West Trenton Presbyterian Church since December of 1990. He grew up in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where his first organ lessons were with his paternal grandmother, and subsequent studies were with E. Rodney Trueblood. From there, he went to Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, graduating with a degree in Church Music and Organ. At  Westminster, Williams studied organ with George Markey, Eugene Roan, and Robert Carwithen; he studied composition with Warren B. Martin. 

For many years, Mark has been composing sacred music. He specializes in writing accessible organ and choral works; the Lorenz Corporation has published more than thirty of his organ arrangements and original organ works. Mark's most successful choral anthem, "Sleep, Little Holy Child," was published by Hinshaw Music, Inc., and has sold more than 25,000 copies. That anthem is a Christmas Eve favorite here at West Trenton Presbyterian Church. 

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