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Building a community reflecting the love of God, where faith and real life intersect.


We REACH out to all people extending the hospitality of Christ by comforting and helping those in need and celebrating the joys of life together.
We work to BUILD a community reflecting the all-encompassing love of God.
We GROW together in faith, studying and learning to interpret God’s word. 

We SERVE our neighbors by working for justice, peace, and the well-being of God’s creation.
We WORSHIP God through music, prayer, and the Word, celebrating the gifts of the Spirit, and seeking what God wants for us.
We COMMIT to being generous stewards with our gifts – time, talents, resources – and our lives.


Rev. Tori Paquette (they/them) is the new pastor of West Trenton Presbyterian Church. Tori has an M.Div from Princeton Theological Seminary and a B.A. in Jewish Studies from Colby College. Tori grew up in New Hampshire and found their way to ministry through several years of college Bible studies, community outreach, chaplaincy, and religious studies.


Pastor Tori is passionate about small congregations because they have experienced firsthand just how vital these churches can be to the lives of their members and to their local communities. When Tori isn’t in their office writing sermons, you can find them baking with an abundance of chocolate chips or snuggling their cat Margot.  

You can reach out to Pastor Tori at

Ian Howells (he/him) is excited to begin his role as Organist/Choir Director at WTPC. Originally from Hightstown, NJ, Ian grew up attending First Presbyterian Church of Hightstown, where his family actively participated in the music ministry. He studied piano with Kathy Toth, Ann Rollins, Steve Kramer, Daniela Schӓcter and Oscar Perez, and organ with Scott Ziegler and Lindsay Stevens. After graduating from Montclair State University with a degree in Jazz Studies in 2016, Ian served as Choir director and accompanist at Reformed Church of Highland Park until 2021. 


In addition to his church work, Ian is inspired by his passion for accompanying. He is on staff as a ballet and dance pianist at Princeton University, Princeton Ballet School, Philadelphia Ballet, Rutgers University and Steps on Broadway. He is also on staff as a musical theater vocal coach at Rider University. 

Ian is also an avid composer. He received his first commission for Ryoko Tanaka’s contemporary ballet Hindsight, presented by American Repertory Ballet in their September 2022  production Kaleidoscope, at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center. His second collaboration with Tanaka, Tsubomi, premiered at McCarter Theatre Center for the Princeton Ballet School Summer Intensive in 2023.

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